Vocoder for NTS-1
[DOTEC-AUDIO x Nu:Tekt] A vocoder that works with the NTS-1, born from a collaborative project

Vocoder for NTS-1 DEMO

This is a set of authentic 16-band vocoders and dedicated oscillators that work as custom effects for the NTS-1.
Connect a microphone as a modulator to the NTS-1, and make the oscillator sound while you speak to create a cool robot voice.

You can use the LINE input through an amplifier, or even turn up the vocoder's input gain and use a dynamic mic for a robot voice!

Download Vocoder for NTS-1 DEMO Ver

Download Vocoder for NTS-1 DEMO Ver(.zip)

Try the free demo version here first!
The demo version deactivates the vocoder after 3 minutes, but you can still try out all the features.

Purchase Vocoder for NTS-1
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Price : $10.00 USD

For GMX Mail users
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How to use Vocoder for NTS-1
1.Follow the instructions included in the demo file to install custom effects (oscillator and vocoder) on the NTS-1.

2. Connecting the units
Input microphone audio to the L side of the NTS-1's AUDIO IN only.
For example, use a commercially available Y-shaped cable (LR stereo mini conversion) such as the following.
(Connect the microphone input to the black plug.)

Alternatively, you can use a sound source that shakes the bread to L in a mixer.

3. Play the vocoder
You can use any oscillator you like.
The included oscillator is a SAW synth tone suitable for vocoders.
Select Vocoder(Vocdemo) for MOD.

Vocalize into the microphone while playing the keyboard.

If you are using a dynamic microphone, the input level may be too low, so set the input trim to 0dB in the global parameters of the NTS-1 and increase the gain (dial A) of the Vocoder.
About [DOTEC-AUDIO x Nu:Tekt] collaborative project

[DOTEC-AUDIO x Nu:Tekt] How to make Custom Effects for NTS-1 is a series of five articles in which DOTEC-AUDIO will explain how to develop custom plug-ins for the NTS-1.

From the very first step, "setting up the development environment," to the actual working effectors with source code, this is a must-see if you're using the NTS-1!

Sample code "Bit crusher" DEMO