An easy way to make sound louder.

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Why is the volume and power of a song not as loud or powerful when played back as a professional song?
It is because the “sound pressure” is different.

The following is a brief explanation of what high sound pressure means.
The difference between loud and quiet sounds is small, and the overall volume is high.

That doesn’t mean that you should play everything strongly (fortissimo). That would change the musical expression.

For example, there is a difference between playing a small voice at high volume and a loud voice.

A maximizer is a tool that allows you to play both small and loud voices at high volume.

DeeMax maximizer

The Maximizer is used by inserting it where you want to increase (raise) the sound pressure.

If you want to increase the sound pressure of the drums or bass, insert it into the respective track.
If you want to increase the overall sound pressure, insert it into the master bus (the bus where the entire sound gathers at the end).

maximizer on master bus

After that, listen to the sound carefully and raise the lever in the case of the DeeMax series to a level that does not distort the sound.

The sound pressure will rise dramatically.

If the sound pressure is high, the peak of the meter will be stuck to the top.
This is because high volume is compressed and low volume is amplified, narrowing the difference.

the peak of the meter will be stuck to the top

If you simply turn up the fader to make it louder, the louder sound will simply go louder as it is, and the meter will be swamped, causing the sound to collapse (distort and break).

sound to collapse (distort and break)

Maximizers are available from a variety of manufacturers.
The DeeMax series can be completed by lifting a lever without difficult settings, which is why they are used by professional artists and engineers for their quick sound production and musical sound quality.

DeeMax, which currently has three series, is divided into the following features.


DeeMax can be used for all-round activities from each track (individual instruments) to the whole.
The sound is powerful and thick from the bass.

DeeMMax (Dee-M-Max)

DeeMMax is a master bus that specializes in increasing the overall sound pressure.
This is the best choice when you want to increase the sound pressure of the entire song for high quality sound such as high resolution.


DeePopMax makes the sound more audible for distribution and posting on SNS.
It is also ideal for mastering vocal music such as Vocaloid and J-Pop.
This is also mainly used for the master bus to finish off the overall sound.

All of them have free full-featured demo versions that you can download and try right away without registration, so let’s give them a try!

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